Talk me out of switching to Nest?

After a year and a half with ADC I’ve been looking with envy at many of the Nest products and am thinking of switching. In general everything looks more polished and better fitted for my needs – especially around details like having the doorbell camera automatically open on a Google Home Hub when the button is pressed, being able to cast video cameras to my TVs, being able to use all of the sensors and devices to manage home and away modes better, and better integration with Google Assistant. And I think that having IFTTT integration would open up a lot of possibilities I don’t have now.

Right now I have a GC3 with door/window/motion sensors, T2000 thermostat, Skybell HD, V721W outdoor camera, Z-wave door locks, ADC smoke/heat/freeze sensors, and Caseta and Z-wave lights. I also have Nest Protect which was in the house when I bought it, and I’ve been impressed with it so far.

I just ordered a Nest thermostat and indoor camera to dip my toe further into the water. I’ll tie the thermostat into ADC at first but am seriously considering moving everything over to a Nest Secure, Nest Hello, a Nest door lock, and more Nest Protects and cameras.

Has anyone else made the switch from ADC to Nest and ended up regretting it? Is there something I might miss about ADC that I might be overlooking? Has anyone gone from Nest to ADC and been happier with ADC?

Hi @acheslow, that’s a very good question. Nest is a compelling system and there are pros and cons to both Nest and ADC. We’re actually putting together a Nest vs Surety (ADC) comparison that should be posted soon (within the next few weeks).

You’ve already shared some specifics but if you have any more use cases that you think are better with Nest please feel free to share them and I’ll see that they are considered in our comparison.

In the end it’s going to come down to your individual situation. Nest will be a better fit for some and ADC a better fit for others. I hope you can wait for our comparison before deciding to switch.

Thanks Ryan. I appreciate the thoughtful response however I ended up getting sucked in to Nest by some great black friday deals. I do agree though that ADC might be a better fit for other users and I have to say that you guys have provided really excellent top-notch support. I 100% recommend Surety to anyone who is going the ADC route (and I’ll have some used ADC equipment going up for sale on ebay under this same username :slight_smile:

Thank you for the kind words! You’re welcome to hang out on the forum even if you are no longer a customer. We would be interested in hearing how Nest compares to for you after you’ve settled into using it. If you find use cases that are important to you and can’t be achieved with let us know. We always welcome feedback.


I’d be interested in some of your equipment. Maybe we can figure out something? Found you on e-bay but looks like you haven’t unloaded all of this equipment yet.


I’d sure like to see that comparison, as I’m in the same boat… Trying to decide which route to take.

Sounds good, I still have the GC3 and several sensors to sell. I can’t figure out how to DM you here but I think you can contact me via my eBay page and we can take it from there.



add to my username. You got it.

I have a feeling ebay won’t give us much leeway to contact each other through them.

Any update on the Surety vs Nest comparison?

It is not out yet, but I know it was a current project, so it should be available in the very near future.

I forgot to update this topic but here is the comparison…