Takover Vivint Go panel

I am currently with Vivint and would like to switch and have a few questions.

  1. I just wanted make sure the Switch To DIY Kit is going to work even the panel is completely locked to Vivint?
  2. After firmware upgrade and new cell module install, would my existing programmed sensors be wiped out?
  3. Would I need to create a new alarm.com account, I won’t be able to use or somehow linked to the existing one?


When you order service, using the new module, we automatically send signals to open up programming. You will need to run an initial cell phone test to initiate the changes to occur (additional instructions are included in the welcome email sent once your order has been processed). Your programming for sensors will remain the same. Service would be be established with a new alarm.com account (initial log in information would also be included in your welcome email after your order is processed). This page may be of assistance as well.

Don’t install the newest firmware immediately, you need to do incremental updates for the panel.
You can read more about that here: Vivint firmware update

Also, when you install the new cell module, Surety will reset lockout, and change 2203 installer code, but you still might want to fully optimize the Vivint panel, and enable it. A lot of code requirements have changed since Vivint’s 1.9.6 firmware variant, so some of the older defaults are not up to current code requirements.

You might want to also change the default User 8 code (2580)

for more info on fully optimizing the vivint panel, see: Vivint panel optimizing

Thanks all for the info.
So it looks like I don’t have to flash it to the latest firmware, right? Just flash it with 1.9.6 will suffice?
Another question is about Billing, so does the monitoring plan get activated once the cell module is installed and the cell phone test is done? Thx.

Firmware update version 1.9.6 is the minimum for 3g cell compatibility although many other features key off of new firmware updates not just the cell compatibility.

As far as monitoring is concerned it is activated as soon as your order is processed. This way when the module is installed you will already have service. Just run the cell phone test after installation