Taking over a Magnum Series 1000 system

Hi there,

I am looking to take over a magnum series 1000 system. I know I need to use take over modules for the hardwired things. Though here is my main issue, nothing is labeled so I don’t know what is on each zone. Any thoughts on how to figure this out?


Well, there would be three options to determine which zones are which sensors:

  1. Is the old system still powered and functional? Open doors/windows and trip sensors one by one to check the zone status on the keypad.

  2. If you have a multimeter capable of measuring resistance you could remove zone wires one by one and then open sensors until you find the one that opens the circuit. Best to have someone to assist with this or it can get tedious depending on the size of the system.

  3. Install the takeover module and use the new alarm panel to test each zone. You can then label as you go. If there is a wiring problem, this is the most dangerous method as it is difficult to tell the cause. Make sure to label zone wires at least by number before removing them and choosing this option. You don’t want to get into a situation where you have a bunch of loose wires and no idea where they were originally connected.