Takeover module questions

I’m having trouble with the take over module. Everything looks wired properly, I’m pretty good with electrical and wiring work. However, the 2gig panel now indicates all of the zones in the module are open. If I actually open a door nothing changes, it just continuously indicates its open. You guys programed the module. Is there anything extra I need to do to reactivate the module to communicate properly. Or is there anything you think I did wrong?

When you wired up the take over module, did you leave the common wires still attached to their terminals in the old control panel? All of those wires still need to be connected to a common terminal in order to transmit correctly. An alternative if you’ve removed the panel or for some reason, the common terminals do not work is to connect all of the common wires for the sensors to the Ground terminal on the Take Over Module.

Yes all the common wires are still attached to the existing panel. Using existing power transformer and back up battery from Vista-20P system I’m replacing as well.

When you are powering up the system, what order are you doing it in? The way it should be powered is the battery on the old panel first, then the AC power to the old panel, then power to the 2GIG system.

If you’re powering it up in the correct order and are still seeing the problem, I’d like you to try connecting the common wire for one of the sensors to the ground terminal on the takeover module. If that sensor shows up as operating properly, we can start to pinpoint where the problem is.

I didn’t power it up that way. I had the main 2gig panel on when powered up the module. I bet that’s it. I’ll try tonight. Thanks for the help

I’m just checking to see if that solved the problem.

Neither solution worked. Tried several times with power up and attaching different grounds.

Any other ideas?

Wired takeover modules are on the tougher end of devices to troubleshoot.

You mentioned that you left all the sensor common terminals connected on the old panel, as you should. You also need to run a wire from one of the old panel’s sensor common terminals to the ground (G) terminal on the super switch. That gives the old panel and the super switch a common ground. Do you have a wire connecting G on the super switch to one of the sensor common terminals on the old panel?

If that isn’t the issue then we need to isolate the problem to either the 2GIG side or the sensor/wire side. Start with zone 1 on the takeover module. If you connect a jumper wire between zone 1 and ground (1 and G) does the panel show that zone (Front Door for you I believe) as closed? Then when you remove the jumper does the panel show that zone as open?

Feel free to take a picture of how you have it wired up and attach it to this topic. We’ll take a look for any possible wiring problems.

Thanks for your continued help. I will not be back to property until Sunday. I will try some of your suggestions and take a photo then and hopefully we can get this thing figured out

So I was able to get the takeover module working properly after all your suggestions. Running a separate new wire from the ground on the module to the old panel module did the trick.

However I have new problem with the image sensors. They work perfect as motion detectors and always work when I do a peek in now and peek on motion. So I know both the motion and camera works. However the image sensors never capture images in any other scenario. My wife accidentally set off the alarm be walking by a sensor when she armed away. No images were uploaded or even available to manually upload. “Capture images during alarm” is not even a rule you can turn off so I’m not sure how/why no images were taken. Also I have the “Capture images from disarm from away” on as well however no images are captured and listed for me to manually upload.

The only images I’ve been able to get are peek ins. So any ideas on how to fix?

Is this a problem you are seeing on all of you image sensors? I just had Alarm.com reset the rules on your image sensors to make sure they are all synced up. Another thing to note, the image sensor will begin taking and transmitting images until 3 minutes after the system has been armed away. So if you’re arming the system and then immediately disarming or tripping the alarm, an image will not be captured.

Yes this is on all 3 and happening well after 3 minutes of being armed away.

If fact I just had another problem. According to my status history my front door image sensor went into “malfunction” at 1:19am and then “end of malfunction” at 9:34am. No one is at this property. After the “end of malfunction” the sensor activated and triggered an alarm even though there was no motion. And of course no photo was taken. This is central time so not sure if this is related to you resetting?

It looked as though the image sensor was stuck for some reason due to the malfunction clearing. According to the sensor activity, your Image Sensor did upload 2 images after it triggered an alarm. Are you unable to see those images?

Yep that was the first time it worked so whatever you did to reset it worked. Thank you.

On another note. Can I set it to where the alarm is disarmed when a code is entered into my yale lock? That’s how this alarm went off this afternoon. I gave a guest code to a guest and it unlocked the front door but then he couldn’t figure out how to disarm so it went off.

Absolutely. If you go to the emPower Tab->Rules you can set up a rule to automate you alarm system when the yale lock is unlocked via a user code.

Takeover Module tutorial video can be found here.