Takeover Module -Basement Window Barrier

I have existing Digital Monitoring Products (DMP), model XR20, panel. The DMP panel has 10 zones and 2 are available. There are three basement window barriers (circa 1998), sometimes called basement window bar detectors. I like the barriers and would like to keep them in operation with my new 2GIG system. The wires from these detectors are connected to the SMK post inside the DMP panel, as were the old smoke detectors. From the instructions, it appears the Takeover Module will not forward smoke detector alarms to the 2GIG system. Can I connect the window bar wires to one of the available zones in the panel? Or do they work differently than window/door sensors?

You should be able to connect the bar wires to the Super Switch and use them without any issues. The super switch cannot communicate the status of normally open contacts, which is what smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are. However, you basement window barriers should be normally closed contacts and will work just fine with the super switch.