T3000 jumping to second stage too quickly

Hi folks, appreciate any help you could shed on an issue I’m having with a T3000 thermostat. Yes, I’m aware of the digital relay issues, but I’m not having any System Protect messages. The issue I’m having is that the t-stat is sending a Y2 call too soon. I have mine configured for a 60 minute pump stage time and 3 degree temp diff. With a 1 degree temp delta, the second stage fires up after 10-15 minutes.

When doing the automatic wiring detection, the T3000 didn’t quite recognize the right wires. They’re all there and everything works when put into bypass mode. If I disconnect the Y2, then the system runs at first stage for 45+ minutes as intended. I did this to verify there was nothing going on at the air handler and that it truly is relying on the t-stat to control the stages.

Is this another known issue with the T3000? Any way to put the t-stat into a verbose or logging mode to see why it thinks it needs the second stage?

Does changing the delay setting from 60 affect the behavior at all?

Have you tried a factory reset and relearning the thermostat to see if there is any difference in behavior?

Remove the Thermostat from the system.

Press the Menu (dash) button.
Select RESET.
Select YES.

Relearn the thermostat. Any change in behavior?