T2000 w/ Qolsys IQ4 -- ADC Keeps Prompting to Configure

I have a new Qolsys IQ4 panel and have added a T2000 to the unit – multiple different ways – from the panel and from ADC. I can browse and control the thermostat just fine from the panel. However, the ADC app and ADC website keep prompting me to configure the thermostat.with “We’ve detected a thermostat on your system. Please click configure below to set up your thermostat.” and a “Configure” button. After I go through and configure, ADC says it updated the thermostat, but in ADC and the app, when I go back to the dashboard, it keeps prompting to configure. Also, after I setup a schedule and turn it on, it inevitably turns off again. I am running F/W 1.50 on the T2000 thermostat.

The first step would be to remove and re-enroll that thermostat to the panel.

If it is using a C wire, be sure to learn it in while it is powered off of AC, if paired while running on battery only it will function in a power save mode from then on.

Yes, I have done those things… navigated all with successful configurations. I can control just fine from the panel, but ADC keeps prompting to configure and when I do it again and again, it seems to go well only to prompt to configure again.


Yes, I have done those things… navigated all with successful configurations.

Your thermostat reports having been learned in on battery power.

This places it in a power save mode, reliant on Z-wave repeating nodes and it has no neighbor nodes reported. This can and often does cause unexpected issues.

That said, looking at the thermostat config on our end, ADC shows successful configuration data for the thermostat settings a little while after the latest installation date, so as long as those are correct it does seem like something else is off.

Can you confirm is this a heat pump with electric furnace?

Would you mind if I tried sending a quick config update to temporarily adjust the swing value as a test to see if it will recognize the change from our end and stop prompting config?

I was surprised you mentioned it was paired in battery mode because I paired it docked on the wall. Based on that, I removed it and readied it. But first I removed the batteries and then noticed it had no power when docked to the wall. It seems like my common wire wasn’t fully seated in the wall mount. I reseated and saw power was being provided from that point without batteries. I then rejoined it and walked through the setup process and it seems all is now working locally and on ADC. Thanks for your help!


Happy to help! That looks like it might have been coincidental, but a lucky fix. I just saw ADC has a resolved operations alert this morning which stated there were issues with setup of new thermostats and locks.

Re-enrolling this morning even without the C wire likely would have resolved it. But the C-wire is handy with a smaller Z-wave network.