T2000 thermostat wonky behavior?

So I have a T2000 thermostat set on a schedule. The temp is set to 61 overnight, then at 6:30AM -7:30AM it is set to 70 degrees. It turns on just fine at 6:30 but after about 10-20 minutes it turns the heat off Then about a minute later turns it back on. It will do this when the temp is still only 66. Then it runs for a time, then turns off again for about a minute, then turns back on. But again, before it gets to 70. It usually happens about 3-4 times between 6:30 - 7:30…

Any thoughts?

Happy to assist.

How long have you been having issues with the TSTAT and this schedule? Since the schedule was created? Any issues with the TSTAT in the past?

One thing you can try would be to disable the schedule, wait about five minutes then re-enable it and check to see if the issue persists.

I had the schedule running for a few weeks, and I think it was always doing it. I updated the schedule last night and it did the same thing this morning. It doesn’t “feel” like the schedule itself is the issue, it sort of seems like the the thermostat thinks it has reached target temp for some reason when it hasn’t then realizes it hasn’t… But this is just my guess…

If that is the case, the next thing you would want to try is to remove the Z-Wave TSTAT from the network and then re-add, running a network rediscovery when done. This way we get a fresh installation and schedule to help rule out the TSTAT itself.

To remove the TSTAT from the Z-Wave network:

  1. Set the thermostat to OFF mode.
  2. Put the Z-Wave controller into exclusion/remove/delete mode.
  3. Press and hold the Down Arrow on the thermostat to enter exclusion mode. Release the button when the Wifi Radio symbol lights up.
  4. When the Wifi Radio symbol flashes red, the thermostat has now been successfully excluded from the network. You will also get a confirmation at the panel

Repeat the above steps when adding the TSTAT back into the network.

Removing the TSTAT should also delete the associated schedule so you would need to rebuild that as well. once the TSTAT has been re-added to the network.