T2000 Notification Temp Off

I have a notification configured to send a text when my thermostat temp is changed. I have noticed that the notification temp is usually 3 degrees off. I can’t find a setting anywhere however when I get the notification I go into the app and the temp is correct just the notification is off. Is this normal because in the past it was dead on.

Can you provide examples of time-stamps for one or two of the notifications and the temperature it says vs the correct temp (what are the exact temperatures?)

Jason here is an example
Yesterday at 9:22am it stated in recent activity that temp was changed to 73 but I turned on the thermostat and it was the n schedule set to 70. It even says cool for some reason. Also on Thursday 4/13 it says heat changed to 66 when I actually set cool to schedule of 69

Hmm, one thing that leaps out is that the thermostat cannot have the heat and cool targets closer than 3 degrees apart, are you changing one of the setpoints down or up to a value within 3 of the other temp? ( cool vs hot) This would automatically change the other one as well.

Let me log in and show my schedule and see if you notice a proablem and can offer a recommendation. Unless you can see them from your side already

Jason here are my set points. I haven’t had this issue in the past with my previous provider which is why it threw me. Any suggestions? Also I dont use Auto mode and I thought the setpoint separation played a part on that. I used strict Heat/Cool.

Yep, it sounds like that is what is happening. Correct, it typically only really matters during Auto, but the thermostat set point is being adjusted down or up for the other mode automatically when you adjust the other due to the proximity.

That is why you are seeing those notifications I think. (99% sure anyway) I’ll report this to ADC and see if it is intended or a bug in Alarm.com given the mode is not relevant at the time.

Hey Jason. Thanks for the update. Much appreciated. Look forward to what they say

Jason just received a notification that the thermostat was changed to 66 but nobody touched it

Are you at the location and can you confirm the actual setting on the thermostat itself?

When was the last time it was changed locally?

I am at home and confirmed 71. Last change was this morning when it automatically changed from Sleep to Home at I think 7am

That looks like the cool temp. The notification was for heat mode target.

Do you have a C-wire? That thermostat reports that it was paired while on battery power. I think the next step is to delete and relearn, but ideally it would be while connected to AC so the thermostat is not in power save mode.

I don’t have a c wire. I can attempt to delete and add it back if you want me too

Yes, I would recommend that at this time.

Ok I will try that at some point today