T-2000 settings change delay ?

When I change a setting in the “Advanced Configuration” panels in the ADC portal (or in the App for that matter) for my thermostats (T-2000) “sometimes” those revised settings do not “take”. Or take quickly. I think… Reload the “Advanced Configuration” & sometimes shows old settings, even after a minute or two wait to reload/relog on.

It appears there is a delay in synching the new settings in the ADC cloud, or in the ADC Z-wave thermostat, or ?? I have a Concord 4 system — I don’t think there’s a lot of logic or delay in it or the LTE/Z-Wave transmitter added-on ?

Is the Tstat logic/settings in the app or ADC cloud/portal or settings actually downloaded somehow to T-2000 stat itself? That might explain some squirrely & delayed behavior. Perhaps I just need to be more patient???

Obviously this does not occur often as the Advanced Settings are not changed very often

Illuminating comments very appreciated. THANKS

When setting a value in Alarm.com, the settings are sent to the system and thermostat. The thermostat needs to receive and save the settings, then the system needs to confirm this was successful before the updated settings will show when refreshing. While it is usually quicker, always allow up to 5 minutes for settings changes to take full effect.