System won't arm through app or website

I’m having internet issues at the premises but that should only be secondary right? I can’t get my panel to arm either through the app on my phone or tablet nor through the website. It just times out over and over. Been happening for almost an hour now!

How do I get this thing to arm? I’m not near the the house so that’s out.

I’ve tried three pings, broadband only, cell and broadband, and cell only, and we are not getting acknowledgement from the panel at the moment. Cell history doesn’t show any issues recently regarding signal strength.

Have you added any devices recently to the home? Cell network extender, etc.

So the broadband is out currently and you can confirm that?

Nope, nothing added. My cable modem is acting stupid and I’m going to replace it but not getting a cell ping…bad.

Update: I just now received notice that the panel was armed. Something clicked.

Looks like the panel’s command buffer may have gotten backed up. (or could be tower issue, but the panel is reporting quickly in reply now)

I’m looking into this to make sure it isn’t a wider area issue with a cell tower.

Thanks Jason. You guys rock.