System Selection Question

I have an old DSC system that was installed when my townhouse was built 15 years ago. I’m looking to upgrade to a new system and I’m trying to decide between a Concord 4 system or a Qolsys IQ Panel 2. I’m considering the Concord System because it seems easier and possibly cheaper to add my existing wired contacts to that unit. I do not have that many wired connections (2 doors, 2 windows and a motion sensor). If I go with the Qolsys system I would probably just get new wireless sensors for the necessary access points. Please let me know your thoughts on which way is best.

This would depend on whether or not you are interested in smarthome features.

In general the Concord 4 is great for security, poor for automation.

I would generally always recommend the IQ Panel 2+ if buying a new panel.