System randomly disarming early in the morning

So I armed my system last night as usual, but at 2:34am while sleeping the system disarmed itself (saying that the disarm command was activated by my phone).
We keep one of our panels in the bedroom at the moment, so this caused the screen to light up and wake me up.

So I went to arm it again thinking it was just some sort of weird one-off occurrence, but about 15 minutes later it did the same thing - still saying my phone was the culprit.
This happened about 3 or 4 more times and the system consistently disarmed itself after about 10 minutes of being armed (I even quit the app on my phone) before I just gave up on it.

There have been 2 other previous occurrences where it has acted similarly as well - one time was from my wife’s phone early in the morning and another was late at night through my phone where I again went back and forth with it because it kept disarming.

There doesn’t seem to be any pattern to this, so I’m unsure why it’s happening. Could it be the app, the panel, or something else?

We both have iPhone 11s with iOS 14 if that helps.

I’ve heard of this happening if you have Bluetooth disarm enabled on your IQ2. The Bluetooth disconnects and reconnects something like that.

Hmm, that feature is indeed enabled on my IQ2. I’ll try disabling it.

Yep, if you use bluetooth disarm you cannot arm away at night. Otherwise there is a strong likelihood that your phone’s bluetooth will cause the panel to disarm overnight.

Would need to either arm stay, or disable bluetooth disarming.

Thanks guys, that does seem to have solved the problem.