System offline all of a sudden -- all sensors

Last night around 9 pm ET, I received one alert of a “loss of supervision” for one sensor and I figured, oh no big deal, probably the battery, then I started getting many more alerts, basically cascading failures as each sensor started throwing an alert. In total the following sensors all threw “loss of supervision” alerts. At that point, it was inconceivable that all sensor batteries went weak/dead within 11-25 minutes of each other.

Back door-malfunction
Front door - malfunction
Garage door - malfunction
Motion sensor - malfunction
Flood sensor - malfunction
CO2 detector - malfunction

I have two energy monitors and one thermostat and those continue to operate.

Could a tech kindly remote into my system to see what is going on here?

You may have an issue with the transceiver on the panel. Can you try powering down completely and powering back on. Test the sensors, do they respond?

Further info: there was no power outage, system has been installed for a year with never an issue like this ever before.

All sensors have been bypassed now. I will try changing the battery on one sensor and taking it out of bypass to see if it helps anything.

Let me try the power down and up Jason.


Ok Jason, that worked. Everything is back online now. Let’s see how stable it remains. Is there anything you can access remotely in terms of failure logs etc?

The errors may indicate a malfunctioning/damaged transceiver (malfunction loss of supervision). You may want to replace the XCVR2 if problem reoccurs.

You may want to go into walk test and check all signals for all installed sensors.

Doing the walk test now.

Is the XCVR2 covered under warranty? I bought everything from surety.



Thanks Ryan.

Jason: Walk test, 5 out of 6 sensors responded ok. The only one I couldn’t check was in the attic, I’ll get to that later today. We had one “quiet” night yesterday with no loss of supervision alarms, will continue to monitor it, if it happens again, I’m going to request an RMA for the transceiver.

The XCVR2 carries a 1 year warranty. As does the standard transceiver if you do not use the XCVR2.