System integrity test fail

Can anyone tell me what’s system integrity, when I ran test it’s fail,


What test are you attempting to run? A sensor test? Cell test? Is it a communication issue with or with your local equipment?

Hi Jason

Thank you for reply, I’m running panel test, everything passed, except for system integrity test fail.


FYI It is always better to provide a screenshot of issues (for quicker resolution)

I know this was posted in the Qolsys section, but just to clarify, this is a Qolsys IQ panel you are referring to correct?

I am not familiar with a test labeled “system integrity” although Qolsys does have quite the battery of tests available in system configuration under panel tests.

As rive suggested, would you mind posting a screenshot of the test screen and the failure message?

Jason and Rive
Here is screenshot once again thank you for the help

Alright, it looks like you are probably running an older firmware version (which is what the System Integrity is actually referring to). I would advise connecting the panel to Wifi (if you haven’t already) and accessing settings - Installation - Upgrade Software - Upgrade using network.

I upgraded firmware 2 days ago.

It’s 142l.tar.gz