System History & Motion Status Questions

Thank you for the prompt response and clear instructions. I was able to get everything set up without a hitch.

Two quick questions:

  1. When looking at System History from the panel – for commands received via a mobile device, it attributes these to “Anonymous User”. Is there a way to configure the panel to recognize which mobile user issue a remote command?

  2. For some reason, when viewing system Status via a mobile device, I’m am showing my motion sensor as always “activated” (tagged “Main Floor Motion”). For example, no matter how much time passes after the motion is actually activated, the motion activated status is never cleared. For doors, I do see separate “open” and “closed” statuses reported as these sensors detect changes.

1.) I just consulted with both 2GIG and about this. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to configure the panel to show anything other than “Anonymous User” in the system history of the panel. I have submitted a feature request ticket so hopefully it’s something they work on in the future. I’m pretty surprised that it’s not something that is available now.

2.) Your motion detectors will show that they have been activated for 45 minutes after they detect motion. This occurs whether or not the system is armed. Every time something is detected by the motion sensor, the 45 min. timer will reset. As a result, it’s possible to have a motion detector show up as activated all day long on The motion detector still operates normally on the 2GIG panel and will not trip an alarm until it has detected motion when armed in Away mode.

You might want to check your firmmware version.

In my case i have up to date firmware (1.10.1), and My panel only shows anonymous user when armed (arming doesn’t require a user code, so it is ‘anonymous’ as panel doesn’t know who armed it) it does show who disarms via the user code entered on either panel/keypad/ts1 touchpad/mobile/PC, BUT you need to login to navigate to User codes and assign a username to each code (especially if user codes were created on panel)

As for motion and image sensors, after a awhile they should Return to an ‘idle’ position on Status.

For example:

motion activity