System going crazy with low battery alarms

I added an additional takeover module today and connected up two existing switches and a PIR. Now my system is reporting low battery conditions randomly, even on zones which are hard-wired. What would cause this?

The battery powering the takeover. Which may be in an old can

I think it may be due to the power to the 2 takeovers I have. I am using an external power supply running through what is basically a 12V UPS. The output of that was running high (around 15V), so I put a voltage regulator on it and that seems to have almost fixed the problem. The backup battery is fine. I still have one zone, with a wired contact, that reports “low battery”.

I’ll play around some more and see if I can figure that one out.

You probably already know this since you already had a working 2GIG-TAKE-345 but the order in which you connect things matters. See this post:

But it sounds like you’ve already gone deeper than that.