System Disarmed

As I am sitting here in my bed, my system went from Armed-Stay to Disarmed. I immediately armed it again but I have no idea what caused it. I am the only one here and I am the only one with an app to control it. PLEASE HELP.

Hmm. Looks like this may be referencing 4 commands sent back to back last night. It looks like there was a delay in acknowledging the last couple, the last of which was a disarm command. All were sent from mobile app.

The acknowledgment of the disarm command was shortly before this post.

So the disarm was a mobile command, but it was sent prior to the occurrence. Have you noticed any other delays with commands recently?

There must have been a long delay then because I set it ARM-Stay through the App but it never completed the process so I ended up setting it through the panel. I have noticed that sometimes it takes a little longer than it should to arm if I do so through the APP VS doing so through the panel. Last night was the first time something like this has happened though.

Looking at it, there was indeed a long delay for those commands.

Do you have a cellular network extender in your home by chance?

No. Not that I am aware of.

There will always be a bit of latency for a remote command through the app, but typically this should be very short.

A delay of well over 30 seconds should be rare with a 3G communication module unless something else is amiss. This can be caused by tower maintenance, loose antenna, network extenders, poor overall signal strength, etc. (Looks like this delay was nearly an hour, usually this has network implications)

It looks like commands sent shortly after this delay occurred were received within seconds. Can you confirm proper function at this time?

If you notice an issue with a delay, can you let us know?

I’ll check with ADC to see if there are other issues in the area, but if it is only local, a few times when this occurred would help us with a pattern.

In the meantime, make sure there are no house high voltage wires running next to the antenna in the wall, and make sure the antenna is firmly attached to the communication module. Just to make sure, are you using the included antenna with the module? Or are you using a smaller, pre-existing antenna?