"system disarmed, ready to arm"

Installed my new 2Gig panel Thursday - got all the sensors registered, did a walk test of the perimeter sensors - needed a magnet to do the PIR, which I intended to do today, before signing up for monitoring on Monday.

So, woke up this AM to a intermittent “system disarmed, ready to arm” voice alert, blank screen, and no response to the Home button. Surety Cam’s TS is closed until Monday. Anyone have any ideas?

You dont test pir’s with a magnet, put panel on test and do it properly.

Try rebooting panel by disconnecting ac/battery and powering it back up

To do a proper pir test, see this video,

I’m wondering if your wire is firmly attached. Sounds like it might be a power problem. Any sign of cuts to the wire near the transformer? Still firmly attached to the panel itself?

To clarify, you do test a 2GIG PIR motion detector’s coverage of the room with a magnet, using the magnet to put it in test mode. You just don’t test it’s communication with the control panel with a magnet.

The blank screen and “system disarmed, ready to arm” out of the blue means the control panel rebooted. My first guess would be that the battery pack isn’t plugged in and a power fluctuation or flaky power wire caused it to reboot. Did you plug the battery back until the control panel before connecting the panel to wall power?

I have never used a magnet to test either pir motions or smoke detectors…

Using a magnet doesn’t actually tell you if the device is functioning properly

A magnet doesn’t necessarily tell you if the motion detector is functioning properly but it does put the motion detector in coverage test mode so you can walk around the room and make sure the location/angle at which you have it mounted will properly cover the area you’re trying to cover.

The easiest way to do it is to install your motion detectors before your door sensors (if you have door sensors) and use one of the door sensor magnets to put the motion detectors in test mode.

But yes, as rive pointed out, you can’t rely solely on the motion detector’s internal coverage test mode to verify it’s all working correctly. You also have to do a system test to make sure it’s communicating with the control panel properly.