System Design Question

Could you let me know exactly what products I would need for the following…
Smoke detectors (2)
Window/door sensors (4)…want to make sure alarm panel will make noise when door opens
Motion detector (1)…have a 40lb dog so I’ll need to get a motion detector to comply with that
Automatic door locks (3)
Smart thermostat
Doorbell camera or outside camera

My main goal is that I can have all of this controlled from my phone and my wives phone. Thanks for your help!

The sensors used would depend on the panel you are looking at.

suretyDIY directly sells Qolsys IQ, GC2, and GC3 panels. However, we provide monitoring for any compatible panel.

All products and services are available on our store pages. You can filter out incompatible devices by selecting the panel type from the compatibility drop-down menu on the right hand side. service is available here. For automation features, you will want to use Interactive Gold. You can find included features of the plans here. suretyDIY service plans can be purchased with or without 24/7 professional monitoring.

The panels use Z-wave for automation protocol. Z-wave deadbolts are available from a wide variety of sources. Make sure the model you are looking to purchase is compatible with the panel you go with. If you have any questions on that, do not hesitate to ask here, we’re happy to help. Compatibility in general is pretty iron out for Qolsys and the GC2. The GC3 hasn’t enjoyed any firmware updates yet, so there are some launch compatibility concerns.

We recommend the ADCT2000 Smart Thermostat. is now releasing integration with the SkyBell HD video doorbell camera. More info can be found here. It will require the Cloud Video add-on.