System arm disarm not working


I just enabled security with Surety using my brand new IQ panel 4 which I got from the home builder. I am unable to arm / disarm it from my mobile app or from the panel itself. I don’t see the arm / disarm interface or option on the panel. Please help.


If you navigate to Installer/dealer settings, is the security page enabled?

Settings > Advanced Settings > Enter Installer or Dealer Code > Installation > Installer Settings > Security Page

Mark the page enabled if it isn’t.

If unresolved, can you provide a picture of the:

  • Panel’s home screen
  • Software page
  • Hardware page
    • Settings > Adv Settings > About > for Hardware and Software

You can submit the pictures to us via Private Message to keep them off the public forum.

Hi Tyler,

Thanks for the help. Enabling security page worked. Can you also please help me change the sequence of pages on the panel. Right now my first screen is Auxillary Panic, I want Arm/Disarm screen as my first screen.


Interesting. Aux panic is typically accessed via a Icon on the lower right hand corner of the screen, and is not a page itself.

An example of the default home screen looks like this drawing

If Aux, Police, and Fire Panic are disabled (done in Security and Arming page) then the circled icon will not be present.

Can you submit a photo of the home screen you are seeing?

Here you go.

Try disabling Aux panic in panel programming. Then navigate back to the home screen, is Arm/Disarm the first page?

  • Can be enabled/disabled via Settings > Advanced Settings > Installation > Security and Arming.

When troubleshooting, you may want to place your 24/7 professional monitoring account on Test Mode during troubleshooting to avoid any false dispatches.

You can do this by calling monitoring operators directly at 855-348-0367 or from the Professional Monitoring tab in the System Manager section of your Surety account.

Afterwards, if you want to re-enabled the Aux panic you can via the same pathway above. When doing so, does Aux Panic come back as the first page?