Switching to suretyDIY

Hello, I have been a Vivint customer since the fall and I am thinking of switching. I see that I can possibly convert my 2gig touch screen but I can’t figure out if that means the rest of my equipment will still work. I have about $2500 of cameras, doorbell cam, door sensor , door locks etc… Sorry if this information was posted . I can’t find it

Thank you

Happy to help!

The first thing to determine is what panel you are using. If you have a 2GIG Go!Control Panel, it can be used with suretyDIY. This kit would provide everything you need to get started. Note that a new communicator is typically required when coming from that provider.

If you have a Sky Panel instead, there are no compatible Alarm.com communicators for that panel and it could not be used. It would need to be replaced with a compatible panel. What model of panel do you have?

Existing equipment can often be used, but it does depend on the model and type. The Skybell HD and Slim Line are the compatible Doorbell Cameras with Alarm.com. The existing doorbell camera you have would likely not be compatible.

Video cameras would depend on their model. If Alarm.com compatible models (models found here) you would want to delete them from your current account so they could be added to your new one. ADC compatible cameras can only be linked to one account at a time.

Z-wave devices can be reused. If you have Z-wave door locks, you would simply want to use the Clear/Remove Device feature on your panel with those devices, then pair them to the new system if you need another panel. If you have a Go!Control Panel, you could just leave them connected as is. If you have a Go!Control Panel, anything currently connected directly to your panel would stay that way.

Well I have the sky control panel. Sounds like most of the equipment will not work

Sensors and Z-wave devices could typically be reused, but the panel, doorbell cam, any keypads etc., could not be used and would need replaced by the GC2 or GC3 panel.