Switching to suretyDIY

Recently I bought a house which was built in 2013, Previous owner was using 2GIG/DSC security system with Protection-1 monitoring service

 I already moved & I don't have any security company monitoring service.

So I just want to re use existing equipment which is 2GIG touch pad & DSC Security System.
And I am not sure if this system unlocked by Protection-1

 Now I am planning to go with suretydiy, And the prevous owner did not remember the installer code, Even I called Protection-1 & they told me they don't have it 

Can you please tell me how to see if it is unlocked or do i need to reset to default ?


Unlocking the installer access and defaulting the installer code is part of the set up process through suretyDIY using an existing 2GIG Panel. Once connected to our service, the initial commands sent to your panel open programming for you. Everything you would need in order to get set up using an existing 2GIG system can be found here, step by step.

That said, a couple clarifications:

Without access to the installer toolbox you wouldn’t be able to tell whether a reset would be successful. You can try a reset to see if it is successful. This video shows how.

Keep in mind you do not need to reset if you are planning on setting up service.

By 2GIG/DSC, what do you mean? Which components are which? To clarify, 2GIG Go!Control is not a DSC product, they are two separate manufacturers.

Is the system reusing sensors from a wired DSC installation using a takeover module?