Switching to suretyDIY

Currently I have home security system from another company installed
I have wired security to each window ( on 22 windows)
I have 2 glass break detectors and non-cellular pads
Is there any way I can re-use the system with new cellular panel
or do you recommend installing new equipment altogether?
Also I am looking for indoor camera option too
Please advise…

Welcome to the forum and suretyDIY!

In order to best help you we would need to know which panel your system currently uses. This can help determine what type of sensors you are using. From there, we can recommend a new panel that works best with your existing sensors.

Typically, a set up such as yours will require a new panel (we directly sell 2GIG GC2, GC3, and Qolsys) and a takeover module (or in the case of Qolsys, the Hardwire 16). The takeover will allow you to convert your currently wired sensor’s signals into wireless so they can communicate with the new panel. Depending on the amount of sensors you currently have, you will need multiple takeover modules. Here is a great blog post that goes over how this takeover module works.

Keep in mind, life safety devices such as smoke alarms, do not work with the takeover module so you will need to purchase compatible smokes. However, the glass breaks you are using should be fine.

Also, the secondary keypads you have will no longer be compatible with whichever new panel you purchase. Secondary touchpads are available for the GC2 and the Qolsys IQ, with a secondary touchpad for the new GC3 coming out soon.

With regards to cameras, there are a variety of indoor camera options that are compatible with alarm.com and whichever panel you choose. You would have to add video with cloud storage to your monthly plan to properly utilize this setup.

After you have determined your equipment needs, take a look at our monitoring packages found here. Both Basic Interactive and Gold Interactive can come with, or without, Central Station Monitoring and are month to month.