Switching to suretyDIY with IQ

I have the Plug & Protect IQ Panel. I am out of contract, and wondering if I can move monitoring service over to you. Would it be the $22.95? and can you work with and reprogram that equipment?

wondering if I can move monitoring service over to you

Yes. We offer Alarm.com interactive service plans with or without 24/7 monitoring for any Alarm.com compatible panel. (Including the Qolsys IQ Panel)

If you have a Qolsys IQ Panel, note that the cellular module cannot be replaced, so the existing account would need to be cancelled before a new service plan could be set up. A guide to getting set up with suretyDIY with an existing Qolsys IQ system can be found here.

Would it be the $22.95?

Your desired service plan is up to you. Our service plans and options can be found here. For the Basic and Gold interactive service levels, 24/7 professional monitoring may be included or you may choose to use Alarm.com notifications and self monitor.

As a purely month to month service, you may upgrade/downgrade/change your service plan at any time by emailing customerservice@suretyDIY.com.