Switching to suretyDIY with 2GIG

So the takeover kit will allow me to upgrade the firmware, and reset all passwords? Right now the system is armed with no cellular module. Will we be able to unlock the panel, and reset it?

I can find the replacement parts for the cameras ADC-V620PT and the ADC-V610PT, will these cameras work with our new service we are setting up as is? Or do i need to consider dealing with that vendor of the unspeakable name?

also does it matter what carrier I have?

The Switch to DIY Kit found here includes a new Verizon Module, a firmware update cable, and the first month of service.

For existing 2GIG systems, when they first connect to our service via a cell phone test, initial commands are sent to unlock programming and default the installer code.

If the system is Armed, you would want to try to disarm so that you can access the cell phone test. This thread goes over some troubleshooting steps for that specific scenario. It also contains the possible installer code.

will these cameras work with our new service we are setting up as is?

They would need to have been removed from their previous account. If they were not deleted manually, it is very possible they are still linked to ADC unless that account was fully closed by the vendor, and at that point could not be set up through another account.

Unfortunately it would be hard to say without testing this.

also does it matter what carrier I have?

It matters in that local coverage would be needed, but if you are referring to your own phone service, no, as that is separate and in no way informs the cellular module used in the panel.

Cellular data service charges for monitoring and Alarm.com service are included in the flat monthly fees found here.

This coverage check tool is typically a good way to determine which carrier to use. If all things are equal we typically see a bit wider Verizon coverage.