Switching to suretyDIY from JAQX

I currently use a system called jaqx. I’ve had a lot of issues with their cameras constantly going offline the automation is not the greatest either the majority of their products our resolution and then Z-Wave devices. I’m looking at going back to the go control system previously I had the go control 2 system when I was with Vivint. If I get the go control 3 panel how would I tie automation into the alarm?

Welcome to the forum, I would be happy to assist you!

If I get the go control 3 panel how would I tie automation into the alarm?

In order to utilize automation and remote control of z-wave devices with the 2GIG GC3, you would need a plan through an Alarm.com dealer, like suretyDIY! You would want the Gold Interactive Plan. This plan can be purchased with, or without, 24/7 Central Station Monitoring. The Gold Interactive plan includes remote control of z-wave devices and automation, other features can be found here. You would also need to make sure you have a 3G Alarm.com compatible Cellular Module as well.

RF sensors that work with the JAQX would not work with the 2GIG GC3 (or GC2) The RF protocol that those sensors utilize can not be translated either. The GC3 utilizes the Honeywell 345Mhz protocol. If you still have the older sensors used with the Go!Control, those would work with the GC3 though.

If you are looking to switch to suretyDIY as your service provider, note that only Alarm.com compatible cameras can be utilized. A List of those cameras can be found here.

Z-wave devices are more or less universal, but there are compatibility limitations on alarm panels. We could help verify whether Z-wave automation devices would be compatible based on their model numbers. Which Z-wave devices/model numbers do you currently utilize?