Switching to Surety with the 2GIG-GCX

so i have 2gig-gcx control panel. do you think its gonna work or i need newer one? also for communication modular advice me. can i use two control panel? what else i need to do?


Iirc the 2GIG-GCX is the Vivint branded version of the panel. Is that the one you are referring to? If so, the panel should work, but you would need to be at firmware version 1.9.6 or higher and a new cellular module would likely be required. This page here covers more information about switching from that dealer. This kit here would be all that is needed to get you up and running with Surety if that is the case.

Two main panels cannot be used in conjunction with one another. You could not use one as your main and another as your secondary. The 2GIG-TS1-345 is the dedicated secondary panel for the 2GIG Go!Control.

In order to obtain service through Surety, an unregistered cellular module would be required. You can input your panel’s cellular module number into the Module Check Tool to verify the module’s status. If the module is unregistered, then you are able to obtain service through Surety! Service can be purchased here

Ok i am not in service with anyone. i bought panel online and did it my self. the kit you referring is the module? once i start service am i able to manage thru app? dose it matter how many sensor or lock i have?

The kit referenced above comes with the Firmware update cable, 3G AT&T cellular module and 1 month of interactive alarm monitoring service through Surety. Service through Surety allows for control of your system via the Alarm.com website and mobile app.

Sensor and Z-Wave device limits are dictated by the panel itself, not service. Note that remote control of Z-wave devices would require the Gold Automation add on, this add on is included in the service plan feature in the Kit above.

Does your panel currently have a cellular module installed? If so, you will want to check its cellular moduel number against the Module Check Tool above to see if it is unregistered and ready for use. This video here will show you how to find that number. This video will show you how to find the current firmware version of your panel as well.

i am not sure if i have cellular module or not. most likely not. just to know when monthly service start? when i activate once i got the kit?

Your service plan begins upon completion of order processing, typically within one business day. Once your order has processed you would receive a Welcome email with your account details and setup instructions etc.

In order to determine whether or not you have a cellular module currently installed, this video here will guide you on how to locate the module as well as replace it.

thanks Tyler
i do not have cellular module. once i get modular and cable how do i upgrade firmware?

current version is 110.2014

also can you send info on APP and do i need to create account for alarm.com or suretydiy login will works.

how do i upgrade firmware?

Steps on how to upgrade panel firmware can be found here. The panel will need to be at 1.5 minimum firmware in order to be compatible with the update cable and a PC will be required.

current version is 110.2014

Was this information stored in the panel or was it printed on a sticker on the panel?
Current firmware can be confirmed via the home screen -> Security -> Menu -> Toolbox -> Version.

also can you send info on APP and do i need to create account for alarm.com or suretydiy login will works.

A demo of the Alarm.com customer website can be viewed from the top right of this page “Try Our Alarm.com Demo”

An Alarm.com account is required in order to utilize the Alarm.com customer website and mobile app.
Once service is purchased through Surety our team begins the account creation process and creates your Alarm.com account.

i did purchase 2GIG Switch To DIY Kit.

Your order has been received but it appears that the accompanying order survey has yet to be filled out. This would need to be filled out and submitted in its entirety before your order can be processed. A link to the survey can be found in the receipt you should have received.

It appears that customer service has sent you a follow up email regarding this matter. Be sure to let them know if you have any questions at customerservice@suretyDIY.com.

firmware version 1.13 do i need to update firmware

Unless a specific firmware version is required for device compatibility or to use a feature included in a specific firmware update, updating your firmware is not necessary. However, it is always a good idea to keep up to date with firmware.

A list of 2GIG GC2 firmware and release notes can be found here.

Firmware can be updated either locally with the 2GIG USB Update Cable or via Over the Air update.