Switching to new Panel

Just swapped to a 2GIG panel from Qolsys and ran cell phone test after you guys performed the module swap. Z-wave is not working yet. Should it take longer to activate?

Actually it doesn’t look like any equipment is populating on the device list for this account. Can you confirm that sensors and Z-wave devices have been learned into this panel and can be viewed/controlled locally?

Hi. No Zwave is not active on my account, it says. Havent started adding any sensors to it yet. Was trying to get my zwave going.

Looks like this account has Interactive Gold, Z-wave automation is enabled.

Are you saying the panel does not have Z-wave enabled?

If that is the case you can change that by entering programming and setting Q79-82. Q79 should be set to (3) for remote ADC access.

Keep in mind the Z-wave devices will need to be learned in locally, initiating the process on the panel.

Ok, thanks Jason. I always forget that.