Switching to monitored alarm

Where can I find the IMEI requested during setup?

Depends on the module in question. Typically this is a 15 digit number printed directly on the module following IMEI.

To better assist, which panel are you utilizing?

Its an older model Vivint. 2 gig I believe and I purchased the cell from Surety.

The IMEI number would be on a sticker on the module, or on the side of the box the module came in. This is the cellular module number. Do you see this number? Is the module already installed?

If its already installed in the 2GIG Go!Control, the number can be viewed locally at the panel by navigating to the bottom right logo -> enter installer code -> Radio Status. The cell module number would follow Serial Number.

The IMEI number corresponds to the Wireless Module ID number on the order survey through Surety. Are you attempting to set up a new account through Surety?

no, just upgrade to a monitored system.

Excellent. It appears the survey has been received. Customer service should follow up with you shortly.