Switching panels

Hello. It appears when I switched panels today from Qolsys to 2GIG that some of the sensors didn’t get changed correctly. Is there a way to refresh this so alarm.com will stop seeing duplicate names for them? I tried running a cell test after I finished but that didn’t help. Thank you.

We can update your sensor names in Alarm.com to match the sensor names in your 2GIG panel. Would you like me to do that? It will overwrite any modified names you currently have on Alarm.com.

Hi Ryan. Yes sir, if you would go ahead and do that. I’ll go back and adjust anything I need to afterward. Thank you.

It looks like sensor names are now reporting on Alarm.com as they do in the panel. Does everything look correct?

Sensor #17 didn’t update. I just manually updated it on alarm.com’s website.