switching go panel from vivint to suretyDIY

It has a ATT cell phone card and I want to switch to the verizon. The firmware version is at V1.6 and the cell phone card requires version V1.95. Can I get the new card install it and then get conneted to SuretyDIY and can they upgrade the the firmware to the lastest? I also want to add the motion detector that takes pictures. My contract with vivint is done and I am do longer their customer.

You’d need to update the firmware in order to use the newer module and for communication to occur with us, so you’ll have to update using an update cable. Some more information on firmware updates that may be helpful is located here.

This page offers some good information on switching to DIY service, although it seems you already have a handle on it.

The Image sensor requires updated firmware as well in addition to the 2GIG 900 MHz Transceiver.

Its easy…

Get this cable…http://suretydiy.com/product/2gig-usb-firmware-update-cable-ts1-4-pin-extender/

Download and install this firmware (v1.12)…http://suretydiy.com/download/2GIG/firmware/archive/2GIG_V1_12_English_Firmware_Update_Tool.zip

Watch this video…

Once you install your 3G cell module, reboot panel, and successfully complete cell test, then unlock (request Q44 be set to ‘0’), then fully enable and optimize your panel…http://www.2gigforum.com/threads/5-2GIG-Installation-Programming-manuals-and-optimal-panel-settings

Default Vivint installer code (Q43) is 2203

How to install and test the IMAGE1 (motion detector that takes pictures):