Switching from self monitoring to central station

I’m interested in purchasing the DIY ADC Gold without the central monitoring. I would like to see how it is at first and then possibly later adding central monitoring. Is this possible? If so, can it be done in the middle of the billing period or would I have to wait for a new billing period to start?

Also how long does it take for the service to begin after purchasing the DIY ADC GOld service online?

Also, do you guys have a contact number? I could only find email or chat. Thx

Our DIY service is on a month to month basis, so yes, absolutely you can add or delete Central Station monitoring. You can email us at customerservice@suretyDIY.com or during business hours Live Chat us via our website to let us know and we will direct to where you can add the additional service and submit the addition information we would need. You can absolutely add it mid month if you like.

Orders are processed within 1 business day. However, often, it is much faster than that if you are ordering service for an existing system, as long as you have a usable module .

We use this forum, our customer service email (customerservice@suretyDIY.com) and our Live Chat feature via our website to answer any questions you may have.

Thanks Amanda!