Switching from nest secure (or frontpoint)


I used to have frontpoint. Then I cancelled and bought nest secure. Then I procrastinated. Then Google discontinued nest secure.

Can I reuse bits and pieces - sensors and/or panels if I were to go with surety?


What panel do u have with frontpoint

The Nest products would not be compatible, but many parts of the Frontpoint system likely are.

What model of panel did you use?

I think it’s ADC-200H-EVD

Can u post of a photo of what security devices and pane u have with frontpoint

I had a pretty much complete Frontpoint system (garage door sensors, door and windows, glass break, motion, etc). Here are some photos:

U should actual be able to use everything included the panel u might have replace cell card but that be about it or u can upgrade to a new Iq panel 2

I’d recommend just replacing the panel with a new Iq panel u won’t be able use the secondary keypads but u will be able use the all the sensors

That’s a Simon XT. It is compatible with our service but would require a 4G LTE cellular communicator, and the Simon XT needs to be version 1.3 or later to support it.

The thread found here goes over everything you might need to get started with that panel.

Will the range extender I have for my frontpoint system work with IQ2? And if not, are there options for me to monitor my detached garage in presence of concrete walls?

Is this for a sensor

Yea, i think so.

Yes, a 319.5 mhz repeater will work the same with the IQ Panel 2+ for 319.5 mhz devices.