Switching from full service 2GIG to DIY Qolsys

I’m in the process of cxl’ng my vivint contract. I’d like to get a Qolsys Panel but I’m worried my current sensors are not compatible with this device. Can you give me a little insight on this? Also I have outdoor cameras on alarm.com servers so I’m assuming those should work. Most of my equip is 2gig; Co3’s, SMK3’s, Door/Window Thin, Glass break… the only sensors that are not 2gig are a Honeywell PIR and 3 Honeywell Glassbreaks (installed previously by ADT…which work fine with goControl.)

2nd question… I’d like to install myself. Do you have a package deal on equipment/plan? I’m not really up for alacarte on everything especially a panel for $394. Please let me know.

Question about your monitoring:

If an alarm is triggered, how long will it take for two-way communication on this new panel? I’m used to only a few seconds so I want to be sure there is no delay on your systems as well.

The Qolsys IQ panel uses GE wireless protocol, so no it would not be directly compatible with 2Gig/Honeywell.

You could use a wireless translator from Resolution Products to reuse those sensors however. I do not believe that Honeywell sensors will speak properly through the 2Gig translator or vice-versa, so you possibly would need a 2Gig version and a Honeywell version. That said, it may be easier to just replace the few Honeywell sensors and reuse all the 2Gig.

The video cameras would not directly communicate with the control panel at this time so they would be fine regardless. They directly communicate with Alarm.com. They would need to be removed from your current account, reset, then re-added to the new account set up.

I'd like to install myself. Do you have a package deal on equipment/plan? I'm not really up for alacarte on everything especially a panel for $394. Please let me know.

We do currently have a waived activation fee for new Gold Interactive service. But generally, what you see on www.suretyDIY.com is what we’ve got. Taking on the upfront cost isn’t right for everyone, but it allows us to offer our DIY service on a month to month basis without contracts.

If an alarm is triggered, how long will it take for two-way communication on this new panel? I'm used to only a few seconds so I want to be sure there is no delay on your systems as well.

Again, it would be a few seconds. This thread has more detail.

I’m considering switching from 2gig to Qolsys, since I really don’t like the Go!Control panel.

Would I want to use a RE124 HG or a RE124 TG? What sensors would this work for and what sensors would it not work for? All my 2GIG equipment? Honeywell? My Carbon Monoxide detectors? I have 3 TS1’s. How do I resolve that issue?

Also, I’ve heard the new GC3 is supposed to be released soon. Is there any information on that? I’ve spent a lot on my system but don’t like my current panel, if there is a cost effective way to change the panel to one I’d like, that’d obviously be best.

The GC3 is due out soon, but there is no definitive date or specs available to share. I do not currently know if it would be back-compatible with the TS1 secondary keypads.

If you want to switch to a different manufacturer’s panel there would be no way to incorporate the TS1s or any wireless life safety devices (carbon monoxide, smoke detectors) as these do not have their signals translated by either the RE124HG or RE124TG.

In an effort to keep this as cost effective as possible, can I ask what you don’t care for regarding the Go!Control? What features or missing features inspire the switch? There have been quite a few additions/improvements via firmware upgrades, so if you have an older firmware version it may make a difference.

The fact that he is coming from Vivint means he is most likely running old firmware 1.9.6 or lower. Is used to limited features and functionality, and locked out from system config.

I know I am bringing back a slightly older posting here but I am in a similar position. While I can’t speak for Dexter, I would like to add my two cents and see what recommendation you have. I also am leaving Vivint (just gave my 30day NOC), I don’t have as much invested in my system as others may but enough that I don’t want to replace everything. I am running V 1.9.6 (not sure what upgrades provide). What I don’t like or rather should say what is really enticing about QOLSYS IQ panel is that wifi is built in (otherwise I am looking at buying the bridge), video service is built in and the panel itself looks more intuitive.
None of this is really a deal break but as I think most of us agree we love all the extras that it includes and 2GIG doesn’t have. On that note I know that the GC3 is suppose to be out soon but it looks like for the last year, forums have been saying that. In all honesty I would most likely continue to use the 2GIG!Go panel until GC3 because otherwise I am having to replace some Life Monitor sensors and buy a translator.

Built in wifi is definitely a benefit. What do you mean by “Video service is built in?” Some older info floating around the web may not be accurate. Currently, the video camera is disabled. It takes disarm photos, still images, but it does not take alarm video at this time. I believe that is planned with future firmware when panel resource management is fine tuned.

Intuitive is a good word to use to describe the IQ. Menus are laid out generally in a more obvious manner than 2GIG, though if you are changing a bunch of settings at once, it is often faster to scroll through with 2GIG.

Go!Control latest Firmware is 1.13. A nice list of changes from version to version was listed by one of our users:

"V1.8 included TS1 touch panel support, fixes for the XCVR2, and 2way voice, silent arming and backlight off control, zwave fixes, usability improvements and enhancements, canadian-french language support, installer/configuration enhancements, firmware downloads and update cable option added, etc.

V1.9.6 includes bug fixes, backlight “always on” option (Q89), minor updates to 1.9.4/1.9.5 which enabled 3G ADC (alarm.com) cellular modules, etc. (v1.9/v1.9.2 added new support for sensors like dbell1, and smkt3, UI changes, 32 User codes, new chimes, zwave sirens, schlage/Yale lock support, zwave fixes, etc).

V1.10 adds Image Sensor capability, zwave lock motorized deadbolt Schlage capabilities/fixes, and support for zwave (Q90 energy feature) meter, and cellular module support ( Q91 radio modem supplier) for Telguard and Uplink celluar modules, minor bug fixes, UI changes, etc

V1.10.1 adds support for 2GIG GC3GA-T (AT&T) 3G Cell Radios, and associated Telguard remote services, more zwave lock support/fixes (e.g., scenerio where lock codes were being removed after system configuration changes), minor spanish language fixes, etc.

V1.12 zwave ADC/empower rules lock fix for Schlage locks (BE469), adds support for IP broadband communication capability via the Go!Bridge (adds dual communication for cellular and internet connectivity), new voice descriptors, Portuguese language, minor UI changes, XCVR2 upgraded capability, Improved backend remote capabilities, etc.This update is only for CP; TS1 on 1.10 works with panel on 1.12.

V1.13 adds new voice descriptors, adds Linear Zwave garage door opener remote support for GD00Z, linear zwave wall mount siren/strobe support (WA105DBZ-1), new/renamed equip codes, Q83 expansion for time/date/temp, new Q97 sound selection option, adds Uplink cellular remote services, improved navigation to energy information, new programming options for Go! Bridge (Q92)."

Apparently there are also TS1 bug fixes (backlight issues) in 1.13, right Jason?

Thanks for the info on the different firmware updates and what they bring to the table. By built in video, that’s exactly what I meant with the disarm snapshot capability. That was another thing I am considering, I am switching from Vivint so I have to upgrade my Cellular module anyways (about $80 plus a USB cable $25), I would really like to add the Wifi capability to my panel. So I guess for the money I am trying to decide if the $300 plus for the QOLSYS is worth it, the major drawback is that I would now also have to get a translator on top of the IQ panel.

If you want WiFi, just get the $83 bridge, and get the alarm.com image sensors ( second generation PIR with built in color/night vision camera capability, background captures, alarm event motion captures, disarm captures, etc, and doesn’t require a video plan or package add on with surety. Panel supports three… included with Gold at $27/month (which also includes zwave empower home automation for garage, lights, locks, thermostats, as well as weather/severe weather, 2way voice and central station monitoring)

They have some weird versioning sequences. I would (and a lot of others familiar with versioning) expect 1.9.6 to eventually version up to v2.0; not 1.10. It should have been 1.0.96.

The firmware versions confused me when I first got my system. I suppose there’s nothing written in stone though.

expect 1.9.6 to eventually version up to v2.0; not 1.10. It should have been 1.0.96.

1.0.X would be backwards. The second decimal probably reflects a minor update (same as how Google does it with Android)

They are sequential, and probably started with an initial firmware version of 1.0