Switching a Simon XT

I currently have a fully functional simon xt ver 1 system that is using Frontpoint/Alarm.com. I understand that if I wish to switch to suretycam, I should get a new gsm module. Other than that, what will be necessary at a high level? Will I need to wipe my simon settings, or just swap the gsm module, order my monitoring package, possibly reconfigure a few minor settings on the simon, and be good to go? Thanks.

A new module would not affect programming aside from Zwave Devices. The Zwave Network would need to be learned in again. (Lights, thermostats, etc.)

Installing an unregistered 3G module and ordering service is about all you would otherwise need.

Replacing the old gsm module went fine; now connected to new alarm.com account through suretydiy. However noticed that the installer code never reset to factory after successfully completing the gsm comm test. Also, when logged into alarm.com, I do not see an option for Control Panel Settings under the Security tab. How can I get that option for controlling beep volumes, etc for the panel?

Settings such as Volume control of the panel are not accessible through your Alarm.com account and must be changed locally on the panel. See below from manual:

Status Beeps Volume

  1. Press OK to enter the System Menu.
  2. Scroll up/down to System Programming and then press OK.
  3. The panel will display ENTER CODE, enter code and press OK.
  4. Scroll up/down to Siren Options, press OK.
  5. Scroll up/down to Status Beep Vol., press OK.
  6. The current value of this option will now flash. (1-10)
  7. Scroll up/down to the desired level and press OK.
  8. Press STATUS three times to exit.

We have resent commands to default the installer code to that which is indicated in your welcome email. Please let us know if this is unsuccessful.