Switch to Iq panel

Hey guys is there thing I need to know or anything with this switching to the new panel I’m very excited to get this new system just want to make sure I’m not missing anything as far as activating the new panel as well as software updates btw will this surety logo display on the Iq panel

Are you referencing switching from a 2GIG panel to a Qolsys IQ Panel 2+ with 345Mhz radio on an existing Alarm.com account through Surety? If so:

  • When ready to swap from the one panel to another on a Surety account, you can do this via the System Manager feature of the associated Surety account login. You will be prompted to sign into system manager with the associated accounts ADC credentials and you will need the new panel’s IMEI cell module number to start the switch.

  • I believe the Surety logo should be automatically pushed to the new panel after the initial cell test.

  • Qolsys Firmware and release notes, including how to update, can be found here.

  • Programming of RF 345 sensors would need to be done manually (not possible to do a backup of a 2GIG panel and send it to a Qolsys panel)

  • Z-Wave devices in use would need to be removed from the network first before they can be added. This can be done from the Qolsys panel for both parts. A guide for Z-Wave with Qolsys can be found here.

Yes I’m upgrading my one location at my parents house to the Iq panel from 2gig just wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything I was missing

Additionally, if a professional monitoring account is in use, you may want to place it on Test Mode temporarily before you switch over. This can be done via the Professional Monitoring tab in the System Manager feature or by calling monitoring operators directly.

Ok great