Switch from Brinks

I’m excited to finally switch over. I just purchased the IQ Panel 4 and just need to know the next steps so I can finally be done with Brinks. I currently have the IQ Panel 2 and I want to keep my existing sensors and Z-Wave devices. I also have two Wireless Image Sensors(ADC-IS-300-LP) and didn’t know if there was something special I had to do with those.
Thanks in advance.

Image sensors are not compatible with the IQ Panel 4 , it does not have the necessary Image Sensor daughter card slot like the IQ Panel 2 does. The closest device that is compatible is the PowerG PG9934 Motion Camera, while we do not carry this device it can be obtianed elsewhere and still used with our service.

When signing up for service through Surety, you create a new Alarm.com account, this is done through the System Manager feature of you rnewly created Surety account.

Programming guides and setup instructions for the IQ Panel 4 can be found in the below guide:


To clarify, sensors learned into your IQP2 would need to be manually learned into your IQP4 they would not be transfered. When you setup service with Surety, you are creating a new Alarm.com account from scratch.

RF sensors paired with your IQP2 can be paired with the IQP4 and they do not need to be removed from the IQP2 first, they can be paired to both at the same time.

However, It is typically recommended that you only have one active service provider. Keep in mind that if both panels are connected to service and powered up, you may be possible to generate two alarm signals, one from each panel. It would be recommneded to only have one powered up and communicating.

Additionally, devices like Alarm.com cameras, MyQ, any Irrigation (Rachio, Rainbird) basically any 3rd party integrations connected to your current Alarm.com account need to be removed before they can be added to the new one.