Swap Simon XT to IQ panel issues

Hello, new to forum and not sure if I’m even in the correct place to ask this, but here is my dilemma. I’m a current FrontPoint security customer. I’ve had the Simon Xt control panel for 6 years… I wanted to get a new panel, so I bought a 3rd party Qolsys IQ panel that I thought I could just swap out. My alarm provider said it won’t work. Something about not being able to update the FireWire properly for their standards. Did I just waste money on this panel? How can I get it so they will use it and I can switch my sensors to this one? They said if I could find an SD card with correct firmware I’d maybe be able to get it to work? Does anyone have that firmware update I could download to an SD card. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Firmware updates are partially incremental, so you would need to verify the current firmware before determining the order of applying new firmware to the panel to update.

What is the current firmware version? This video shows where to find that.

Here is what I have.

1.6.3 is the most up-to-date firmware for the IQ Panel, actually. There is no other version to apply.

I cannot speak for any other provider’s decisions regarding support, unfortunately. Note the panel itself is discontinued, which may be what they are referencing, but the model can of course still be monitored through ADC in general.

Sometimes modules which have not been in use for a while are deactivated by the carrier as well, so that would be good to check. You can check to be sure that the cell module inside is still able to be used via the module check tool on this page. That page details how you can use existing Qolsys IQ Panels with suretyDIY.