SVR Recording One Camera At Lower Quality

I have two ADC-V723 cameras and an ADC-SVR122. When viewed live, both cameras appear high quality. This is also true for video clips. However, one camera has started to look very low quality on the SVR. Even a clip that appears high quality when viewing that same timeframe on the SVR appears low resolution and blurry.

Both cameras used to always appear high quality in the SVR and the other one still does. I believe I’ve checked all the settings and they are identical. Any ideas on how to get my other camera to store high quality video on the SVR?

Here’s an example of the timestamp on a recorded clip that is saved at a high resolution.

Here’s an example of the same period’s recording on the SVR. You can see my other camera on the left is very clear while even the timestamp on the other camera is blurry.

Nevermind, I figured it out. Somehow the SVR resolution setting got changed for one camera. I’m not sure how because I didn’t change it myself, but I found it and it fixed my issue.

Thanks for following up. Glad to hear you found the setting culprit.