SVR Compatible Cameras

The following cameras ARE supported by the SVR:

ADC-V520, V520IR


ADC-V720, ADC-V720W, ADC-V721W


ADC-VS120, ADC-VS121, ADC-VS420

The following cameras ARE NOT supported by the SVR:

2GIG-HD100, ADC-V510, ADC-V610PT, ADC-V700X, ADC-VS1

I have purchased and added a new, higher resolution ADC-V22W. Setup was pretty easy though getting the Video Motion Detection tuned was an issue (you seem to have to turn off the night vision or you get lots of false positives).

In any case, I then added it to the ADC-SVR100 which worked fine. However, unlike the ADC-V720W and the ADC-V721W (which I also have associated to the SVR), you cannot pick an FPS that is higher than 5. It simply hard codes all three values (FPS, Resolution and Video Quality) to be the same as set on the Saved Video Settings screen, and the menu items on the SVR Local Recording Schedule setup screen are all “dimmed” and unselectable. On the other models, you can override these values when adding them to the SVR’s local schedule (in particular, you can pick an FPS up to 30).



If I recall the SVR would require firmware version (last five digits, visible on the website under the video device info page) for full functionality with the newer models of camera.

Can you verify you have the latest SVR firmware?

Sorry, I meant to add that I also updated to the latest firmware, ND8220-ALAM-

I does capture the video, just at a much lower FPS

We’ve confirmed with that this is to be expected with that camera model at this time. There is no ETA for this to be changed but they are aware and looking into whether that can be updated to allow separate settings between the two