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It appears my upload limit is 6000 clips. If I add the SVR, am I still limited on the clip upload limit or will I have unlimited until the SVR is full and starts deleting the oldest clips?

Adding an SVR doesn’t change the Cloud Video storage limits. What it does is adds a local 24/7 recording option in addition to the cloud features. The Cloud Video clips are not saved on the SVR, they are still saved in the cloud, and they are marked in the SVR timeline for easy use when viewing the SVR feed.

Saved video on the SVR is only limited by storage space on the Hard Drive.

So when my 6000 limit upload hits, uploads just stop or are the oldest overwritten to make room for new uploads?

There are two places where the clip limit comes into play. There is a total storage limit of 6000 clips which the oldest unprotected clips will be overwritten to store more, and there is a monthly upload limit of 6000 which, when reached, halts non-alarm generated clips. alarm generated clips always get uploaded.

The Cloud service is designed to ensure users have roughly one month of coverage based on the number of cameras they have.

The SVR is in addition to these and separate.