two factor 2FA

Is there a two factor / multifactor authentication for the I have it enabled on ADC, but when I log into the system manage from surety, I get no 2FA prompt.

We’ve discussed this internally in the past I believe, ADC 2FA is not used in System Manager currently, but that would be a sort of triple factor authentication, as you do already need to validate both your credentials and credentials in order to access System Manager features since you need to be logged into both accounts.

I can send this to our team as a feature request though. Would you like to see the same 2FA used as the ADC website?

I can see the partial triple factor but I sure there can be arguments made both ways…I think a consistent 2FA as used with ADC would be best as it makes it something that I’m already familiar with.

I totally agree. It’s on the to do list, as part of an overall single-sign on effort. We’re working toward it. Thanks for the feedback!