SuretyCAM Geo Coverage

Getting mixed intel from different online sources. It looks like some services are not available nationwide. For example from FAQ I see that:

> Q: Will it work in my area?
> A: Our do-it-yourself security alarm monitoring works anywhere in the United States except for the state of Florida. Sorry, Hurricanes and Gators. Items ship from Columbus Ohio.

but from I see:

> These are only available in central Ohio.
> Basic Cellular

  1. Can you clarify which services have geography restrictions (besides Florida)?
  2. Is Cellular monitoring available everywhere (besides FL) and “asecurelife” just has an outdated information?
Can you clarify which services have geography restrictions (besides Florida)?

suretyDIY 24/7 Central Station Monitoring is available in all states with the exception of FL currently. 24/7 central station monitoring is offered to residents in the state of Florida.

I believe the third party article you linked is outdated.

All accounts through suretyDIY utilize a cellular connection as the primary communication.

You can purchase service through suretyDIY with or without 24/7 Central Station Monitoring. This allows users to self-monitor their systems using email, text, or push notifications that they can customize through their account - or include 24/7 Central Station Monitoring for professional central station operator monitoring in addition to the service.

You can find info on our service plans here.


Just wanted to make sure the is wrong, and you do support cellular nationwide (but FL).

thank you Warren