Surety Cam Sign Ideas for Freestanding?

I had a Surety Cam sign that was stuck in my grass but I want to put it in a corner by by front door and its cement. I want it there because its the one place I can not see from my security cameras and UPS always puts packages there so I cant see them remotely.

With a sign there, UPS will have to put it anywhere but there and I will be able to see.

Right now I have a vase filled with sand, but it looks “rigged” together.

Any ideas for a nice looking base that does not look like an “afterthought” to make the Surety Cam sign (on the alumnimum post) freestanding?

You may be able to find a pedestal by itself, but a search didn’t turn up much. Would need to be weighty. Maybe look into seat pedestals? (maybe even boat seat pedestals?)

Portable posts with pedestals are probably the best option, can be a little pricey, but you can find some here that might work.