Supported zwave water sensors on Simon XTI5

I’m looking to add a simple Zwave water sensor into our SImon XTI5 that will report to unit (non alarming not notification, I believe group 25 or 40 what I had seen on here). I know the Qolsys QS5536-840 will work, but will any Zwave sensor work that operates on the correct frequency work, then just setup an alert in
I.e. something like the Ecolink Zwave Plus Flood & Freeze Sensor or any other zwave sensor

To clarify, Z-Wave Sensors are not compatible. Only Z-Wave devices such as Lights, Locks, and Thermostats will work.

If you need a water sensor, a 319.5MHz water sensor like the QS5536-840 could be used.

Thank you Tyler, I appreciate your prompt response as always