Support for myQ-G0401-ES?

Garage doors work great in the MyQ app. I tried adding via serial in the Surety/ app and get “Registration was unsuccessful for this device. Please factory reset the device, reconnect to an internet network, then try registering again.”

I think the pic in the app appears to be a 301, but assuming/hoping the 401 should work as well?

Yes that would be supported, the issue here would be that the device is learned into a MyQ account. The Gateway can only be registered to one account at a time, either through or MyQ.

To register it through, first go into your MyQ app and delete that Gateway from the account. Wait about 10 minutes then try again in Does that resolve the issue for you?

Thanks Jason! That resolved the issue. Just need to rename them and I should be all set.

To rename MyQ devices, log into the website and visit the home page. Click on the arrow icon on the garage doors card. Then on each door card you can click the configuration gear icon to find the option to rename.

Thanks! I was in the app. I must say, I just got my system last week and the support so far has been pretty damn amazing.

Glad to help out!