Suggestion for music to play on schedule while on vacation

I have no radio reception where I live

I would like to set an ADC schedule to play music during the day in the house. ADC even has a feature where it turns on and off at different times around where you set it so it seems random.

I could easily have it turn on a switch to turn on a music playing deice. Problem is, most devices have electronic switches that require you to press manually each time power is sent to it.

Furthermore, not sure how to feed a source of music or internet radio. Most services won let you stream for a straight week without any activity. They will time out or auto log you off after a while

Any suggestions?

There is no scheduling or rules automation for Sonos audio in, but it can be added to Scenes, so you could manually tap a scene while away to kick music on.

We’ve requested the ability to use scenes as automation schedule events in the past, and I just recently pushed that to ADC again. There would need to be some changes to scenes to make it work, but it probably could be done if it gets prioritized.

Another option may be a 3rd party skill or app for something like Alexa, or software to schedule it on a PC.