Stuck in red alarm screen

Started new account. Alarm panel from previous home owners stuck in alarm
Red screen

In order to connect the panel to service, a cell test will need to be run. The panel cannot be in an alarm state to run the test.

They should have given you the Master User code (default 1234) which disarms the system. Do you have this code?

Once disarmed, you can run a cell test by navigating to Settings > Advanced Settings > System Tests > Cellular Test

Without that master code, you cannot disarm the system to run the test.

Unfortunately, we were not provided that code. I was advised that if I purchase a subscription plan that we would be able to reset the system and get it working.

Is there anything else that we can do because I already paid for the monthly service

I was able to unlock it. How can I connect now?

If you were able to disarm you can continue setup. It looks like the account activation form hasn’t been submitted.

Activation is a step by step process in our system manager here. Submit your activation form there and follow the steps to get started.

I am still having issues. Cellular test has failed.

IF you are not able to run a successful cellular test. Follow the steps outlined here:

It looks like two separate IMEIs were attempted for account setup, and the account is using the second IMEI successfully and is currently signaling and responding to cellular pings. I also see system activity. Can you confirm you are able to use the system you intended to connect now?