Stream doorbell camera to IQ remote

I have the IQ panel 2 and an IQ remote panel. When someone rings the doorbell I get the notification on the iq panel 2 and can view the camera from that panel but I can’t from the iq remote panel. Is there anyway to get access to the doorbell camera notifications and live view on the iq remote panel?

Doorbell notifications and doorbell answering is not available on the IQ Remote, no.

You can view general live video on the IQ Remote:

Go to the home screen of the main panel.
Tap Settings.
Tap Advanced Settings.
Enter the installer code.
Tap Installation.
Tap Installer Settings.
Tap to enable Stream Live Video Cameras to IQ Remote.

Thanks! I didn’t have an “installer settings” but I did have a dealer settings which it was under. Would have never guessed I would have had to look there to install it. Working great now!